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Mavi Yuno

What is your favorite anime character?

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In a combat RPG game; What do you want to play as, who do you want to play as? I am making a board card game and i am asking you, what do you want to be? Examples: Goku, a turtle, volibear, a dire wolf, a swordsman etc... Game must be funny. So choose entertaining characters. I prefer tanky, melee characters bcause they are brute.

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I'm not entirely sure if this belongs in the game design forum, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.



I have several favorite anime characters, but here are a few:


This is Hiruma, that's his book of blackmail material and his "You somehow thought your ass belonged to you?  Oh no no no, I OWN you, sweetheart." expression.  He's a kind of scrawny, driven guy who through sheer brains, energy, and a ridiculous amount of competence took a school with no football team, started one with himself as quarterback, and went on to win a national championship with it.



Starscream kind of counts as an anime character, right?  He's kind of a mirror-image of Hiruma - an incompetent bad guy instead of a competent good guy, though he has basically the same predilection for sneaky plans and manipulation.



This is K, he's a happy, easy-going, and playful person until the situation comes along where he needs to whip out his gun and kick some butts, then he immediately goes back to being relaxed and silly while his opponents are still feeling like a semi hit them.


Shigure's default expression is a serious poker face, but it's a total lie, he's a troll practical joker and a "perverted author", like several Naruto characters rolled into one.  He's creative, especially when it comes to avoiding doing anything that takes effort, whether that's housework, writing, or breaking up fights between the kids he's supposed to be supervising.

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Because the second post is a mecha musume, I feel obligated to post some pictures too :)

Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

A magical girl determinator with control over time and an nearly infinite amount of heavy weaponry in her pocket dimension? Yeah, do want. She is not my favorite character but in a game she can be fun to play. 

Adam Blade from Needless

This character is from Needless. Apart from being a sheer badass, having a metalic skeletton and being completely ax-crazy he is also able to replicate powers thrown at him. This can be a nice gameplay mechanic. And needless to say the anime he is from is damn funny and completely crazy (and the manga even more) But not really safe for work though.

Ps : I think that the post name is not really indicative, as you do not seems to be asking for a favorite anime character, but a character who could fit well in a RPG game. But, whatever.

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