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Standard indie Legal Agreements?

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I was wondering about what is standard in an indie game company's Legal agreements?

Anything that a novice to game development (in any department) should worry about, or treat as Red Flags, and the like.


I'm just a little unfamiliar with all of the legal for indie, since my experience has been mainlly with moding.

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It's very hard to say what is "standard" in an indie team because, well, an indie team is not a standard.

First, there are many indies, and second, there are many sizes for indies.

Furthermore, a lot of indies are indies precisely to avoid something they don't like in the "standardized" game development world.


It could be that an indie studio doesn't necessarily claim ownership of everything you do for example, etc.


So what did you see in that agreement that would be very different than a regular one?

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