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Blood Star - indie game

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You play as a clone soldier created by the "Blast Corporation." Blast Corporation is a multinational, intergalactic, power hungry company that feeds off of the resources of the universe to turn huge profits! 

Of these resources, Blast Corporation primarily seeks out the legendary "Blood Fragments" and "Blood Diamonds." These gems are not only beautiful but are strong sources of energy (and taste delicious topped with a touch of whipped cream!) 

You are sent from planet to planet in search of these Blood Fragments and to wipe out all life in your path to the so called “Blood Star,” a red star that provides energy to all the planets in the solar system. 
It is up to you to either join the evil Blast Corporation in their mission to take over the galaxy or to rise against them and become the leader of your own clone army and gain the true power of the Blood Star for yourself! 


Blood Star is an action role-playing shooter, with inspiration drawn from games like Diablo, Dodonpachi, Rise of the Triad, and Don’t Starve. At the moment, Blood Star can only be played with a controller. 

Blood Star mixes classic “danmaku” shooting gameplay through its barrage of enemy bullets with action role-playing gameplay that provides deep player customization and RPG mechanics. This unique mix of genres provides an intense, fun, and deep experience that will have you coming back for more! 

When shooting enemies, Blood Star uses a fast paced “Chain” combo system. Whenever the player attacks an enemy, they start a short countdown. For every attack the player chains together, the countdown is reset and the player receives extra points. These points are turned into “Blood Fragments” which can be used to level up the player, upgrade weapons, and buy items. 

Enemies will drop “Bazookas”, “Power Ups” and other items when they are defeated. The player can equip a Bazooka to the LT and RT buttons. Every Bazooka has unique abilities and can be customized using the aforementioned Power Ups. Power Ups add additional abilities such as increased damage, attack drones, bullet patterns and much more! Every so often the player will unlock equipment which will boost your stats and add additional abilities such as increased run speed, slower chain timer, and more. 

Additionally, the player can use a dash move using the RB button. This move will stun enemies and deflect enemy bullets back at them if timed right. By pressing the LB button, the player can use a powerful “Discharge” attack. These discharge attacks can also be found and equipped by defeating enemies. 

By combining these abilities you will soon become the most powerful clone in the entire galaxy and harness the power of the Blood Star! 


- Beautiful hand painted art! 
- Unique, explorable planets! 
- Tons of quests with cut scenes! 
- Funny and intriguing story! 
- Alternate endings! 
- 4-player local and online multiplayer! 
- Monster-shooting, bazooka action! 
- Insane amount of weapons, power ups, equipment, destructible environnements, monsters, bosses, and more! 
- French baguette gun! 



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