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How to start as a mobile game analyst?

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I'm a Senior Game designer at a studio in India having an exp of 3 years into the industry. Am really interested in harnessing my skills as a game analyst. I've fair amount of knowledge in making funnels for measuring KPIs specially for the purpose of enhancing the game design and game downloads (in Flurry), also I do have an understanding of App Store ranking algorithm and constantly try to improve my design depending on the parameters that would effect my game's ranking by changing the game design!!!


However, I would really need proper guidance for improving my game analytic s skills. I even researched about courses for analytics but majority are for Business Intelligence and forecasts. I constantly in search of blogs and articles which give information about game analytics, but all most all talk about the theoretical part and not specify what data matrics to analyse or how exactly to use analytics tools. 


Can anyone please help me???


P.S. My recent excitement for game analytics and big data started after watching the movie 'MONEY BALL'

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... really interested in harnessing my skills as a game analyst.
... excitement for game analytics and big data...

The phrase "game analyst" needs definition. Tell us what a game analyst is. You seem to be using the term to mean "game designer who uses analytics to inform his design." What is your question? You seem to be asking "how do I use analytics to inform my design work?"

Is that what "game analyst" means, and is that your question?
If yes to both, then you should search for "use of game metrics in game design." Of course a search for "analytics" is going to turn up business articles. Those business articles probably do provide good information for you, but you have to work harder at finding applications for the information in those business articles.

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