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PBR (EnvMap Prefiltering and Shader optimization)

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I have some questions regarding PBR in general and filtering.


So i am using the lighting equation.


L - light dir(directional light)

N - surface normal.

H - Half Vec.

Lc - Light color(1/PI factor in this).

V - View vec

R = 2 * (V.N) * N - V


Runtime shader(Pseudo code).


Lo = (diffuse + directSpecular) * NoL * lightColor + IndirectSpecular;

directSpecular = GGX_NDF(roughness,NoH) * (Fresnel * G);

IndirectSpecular = EnvBRDF(specularColor.roughness,NOV) * EnvMap.sample(R,roughnessBias);




I want to prefilter Environment maps using GGX distribution and optimize my shader, but i have some confusion in my understanding.


1>Prefilter envmap using N = V = R,

     So my understanding is N = texel location to cube center(0.0), ( I need help understanding this mapping).

2>I am using the EnvBRDF approximate analytical solution just like here(


Also if u read to end part of the blog, UE4 uses Blinn NDF on mobile(approximated using R and L),

GGX distribution is really nice( would rather drop the geometry term than GGX), Can GGX be approximated using R and L ?


He also mentions he multiplies the EnvBRDF with the NDF(direct specular), i am not able to understand the basis of this.or is it only a good approximate for directional lights?

(Fresnel *G) =  EnvBRDF(specularColor,roughness,NOV) ?


In doing so the following things happen in UE4 mobile shader.

1>No need to compute half vector.(Can GGX be represented using Reflection/View vector instead of halfvector?)

2>F and G , need not be computed for direct specular(since they come from EnvBRDF).









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