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[PC] Contasion 2 • An action-packed sandbox game

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Contasion 2 is my upcoming open-world game, based in the City Of Pliston; where crime is at its best. Contasion 2 is soon-to-be released for PC and later Mac OS X in the future.



Have you ever met Errol's Father? Or Steve? The two notorious 'gangstas' are known widely for their contribution to the city's awful crime rate, producing a massive threat to everyone in the city. Contasion 2 is an online multiplayer game, using a top-down 3D perspective and extensive HD graphics, the game provides a substantial amount of detail in the City Of Pliston. There are tens of vehicles to roam the city with and create carnage, including sports cars, super cars, saloons & emergency vehicles, and even the Tank! Roam the city and contribute to the high crime rates by performing drive-by shootings, target other online players and turn the tables. Turn friends into villains, and enemies into 'gangstas' as you show your reputation and dominance around the globe. With 3 major parts of the city to explore, the game provides hours of fun! Choose one of the 14 obtainable weapons in Contasion to screw turn things around; grab a pistol, an SMG, an AK-47, an RPG-7 or even a minigun! Meaning the end of the world as you know it! Join in with the fun and start an Activity with your peers in Contasion Online, activities include: tasks, deathmatches, races & Berserk matches!



An illustration of the main protagonist in multiplayer

When the player is participating in a task, the player will receive a series of phone calls from either Errol's Father, Errol, Alex or Steve. Each of these characters give the player multiple missions to complete. The person who completes that mission first will be the one to receive the cash prize, and the Experience Points (XP)
A deathmatch will consist of 2-12 players, and the goal is to kill as many online players as possible in the allowed time  The player with the most kills will receive the most XP and cash.
Race checkpoints can only be entered when the player is currently driving a vehicle. That vehicle will be the vehicle the player spawns with. Race Checkpoints will spawn at the start, with an arrow surrounding the player pointing to the next checkpoint. With 3 laps to complete & weapons allowed in the races, the activity keeps on getting better!
Berserk Matches
A Berserk Match is similar to a 'RAMPAGE' in the Grand Theft Auto series; kill as many civillians as you can with the supplied weapon. This activity doesn't require other online players, meaning you can play by yourself; a quick and easy way to earn cash and XP in Contasion Online.
You can host an activity with ease, just by entering an Activity Checkpoint, these checkpoints are scattered around the city. The location and type of activity will depend on the location of that Activity Checkpoint.



Screenshot of the typical gameplay of Contasion 2 (Online)


In Contasion Online, there are a maximum of 12 players per server, and over 500 servers hosted by me. Or you could even have a LAN party, with a maximum of over 30 players!


*Beta testing*
I'm currently in need of BETA testers, please email CONTASION@OUTLOOK.COM for further information regarding BETA testing Contasion 2.
The Demo will be out in a couple of months, possibly around Halloween/November. The full release will be available for purchase soon also.
For further information, please email CONTASION@OUTLOOK.COM or respond below!
Please like the Facebook page; http://www.facebook.com/contasion
Thank you! Please ask questions and give suggestions!
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