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Searching for free SDK

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Hey Guys


i am currently searching for a sdk to create games.

it should be free and kinda be like game maker (i plan to buy game maker in the future)

it should be like this:

-gui (no framework or graphics library)

-easy-to-use (because i am a beginner)

-2d game making

-no "freemium" programs (splashscreen, limitations, not-for-commercial-usage, etc.)

-straight learning curve

-right to publish the games on gamejolt.


what i mean with freemium programs:

game maker studio (free version)


unreal development kit


which engines i dont like to be mentioned:

adventure game studio

construct classic


thats basically it.

i hope one of you guys now a free alternative to game maker


:) twerksla

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Maybe be a little bit more specific what you need.


You bash on what you call "freemium" engines. But on the other hand you say you only need 2D, and that you are a beginner.


I understand that you try to avoid the splash screen. What kind of limitations are you trying to avoid?


Free versions of Unreal and Unity can be used for commercial development as long as you either make less than some sume (10k$ for Unity, 50$k for Unreal), pay for Pro with Unity (1500$, really a problem after you just got over 10k$ from selling your game?) or pay royalities with Unreal (25% with the free UDK, sucks, granted, but only 5% with the lowcost (20$) Unreal 4.... not so much of a problem after you made ove r50k$ with your game).



If you have only modest expectations, there are plenty of free or even open source alternatives. Some of them are even quite good and can rival Unity, Unreal and other commercial engines in power. Don't know about the ease of use though, the quality of the editor tools of some of these engines might be questionable.


  • Source Engine. If you are a hardcore gamer, you have heard of it. Its free and open source. Don't know about limitations though
  • JMonkey if you want to develop in Java
  • Panda3D free at least
  • Esenthel Engine also has a free version, doesn't do 2D though, don't know about commercial releasing


If you need more Engines to research, head over to http://devmaster.net and have a look at their Engine db. 

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