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Absolute Must-know for Game Programming?

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Hey guys, this is my first post here and I would really like some opinions/facts on this (if there is someone who has worked on programming AAA games even better).

- I would really like to know what are the topics that every game programmer must know. And I mean things which you would usually come across in AAA game studios. What the industry expects from you (things like Ubisoft, EA Games, etc). Also, where to learn them? What resources did you use to get where you are now?

- Is it absolutely necessary to know the Win32API and Direct3D?

- Is graphics programming mostly used when you want to create a game engine? Or do you apply a lot of it during the game programming itself? And by game programming I mean responding to input, AI, etc.

- In the industry, what is the general pipeline (if there is any) of programming games?

- And lastly, what are the main aspects a game programmer must know how to implement?




Hoping to see some very interesting answers. Thanks! biggrin.png

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- AAA games use everything you can think of. I don't think there's a list of "must known", but for those big companies your experience (years in the industry and previous jobs) is more important. If you put on your resume "I know all this things:" and a big list of knowledge but you can't show experience they probably won't hire you. At least that happened to me, even with smaller game companies. I'm from Argentina, I'm a software engineer, but on job interviews they put a lot of focus on previous jobs, they don't consider the studies as the main factor to chose employees.


- "Absolutely necessary"? I guess not, but most of the jobs probably require you to know it. It's like saying "is it absolutely necessary to know OOP?"... well, not "absolutely", you might get a job as a developer for some game that doesn't use OOP, but your options are restricted a lot.


- I don't understand this question. You're asking if you use graphic API's directly? Or if a game developer works without working the with the graphics?


- I don't know AAA companies like the ones you named, but I worked in a well known global company and there wasn't a pipeline that people followed.


- A game. Sorry, I know you want a list of things, but there's no such list. You can create a game with or without a lot of features. There was a post recently asking for the basics too, but if you think about it, there are games with and without rendered graphics, with and without networking, with and without AI, with and without multiplayer, with and without randomness, etc, etc, etc. Also, it's wrong to asume a game developer knows a list of things that's needed to create a game, you'll learn things while programming. I recently started in a job where I need to work on a PS3 game, and have no experience with PS3 (or other consoles) development.

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