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Spam This Channel - F2P game Built for Twitch.tv

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Hello everyone.  I'm a long time lurker but really would like to get some feedback/critisism/advice on this new project I started. 


I have been a long time viewer of Twitch.tv and love the website (it replaced cable tv for me) and I came up with the idea for this live streaming project.   The idea revolves are games being made for specifically to be streamed on Twitch and to be controlled by the viewers.  There have been channels like this out there, where the users play the games, but as of right now, all I have seen are emulated games capturing inputs from the chat.  My games are built and designed from the ground up with this control scheme in mind.


The goal is to build a viewer base and create more games of this type as time goes on to keep the channel fresh.  I have 2 more conecpts that I plan to start working on once Spam This Channel is up and running and they are a little more traditional (a hack and slash and an adventure game).






What is Spam This Channel?


Spam This Channel is the first of a series of games built specifically for Twitch.tv.  Bring an end to Moobot's reign of Twitch chat with your spam!  This game is streamed live and controlled by the players watching the stream, using the channel's built in chat box as the controller.   The controlls are as basic as typing in any message up to more specific commands that provide more control.



What can I do in Spam This Channel?


-Launch your spam and goofy emotes across the stream at Moobot.

-Be Recognized by everyone playing the game for triggering "The Bomb" with your emotes

-Charge the Kappa Meter with your sarcasm.

-Become the Top Spammer of Twitch.tv on the Spam This Channel Leader boards!



Where and When can I play this?


Spam this Channel will be streamed exclusively at twitch.tv/TheCaLooch


Launch is scheduled for the first week of October.


The game will be running all day, every day.  24/7.   Drop some spam off any time.



What is Spam This Channels target audience?


Twitch.tv users.     Nothing more.


In all honesty, I would not expect anyone who doesn't spend some time on Twitch.tv to understand this game.   I tried to explain the game to some friends and family who didn't even know what Twitch was and basically got blank stares.



Want to know more? Let CaLooch (me) know!


Twitter:  @thecalooch


email:   thecalooch@gmail.com














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