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Last Toy in the Toy Box

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Well I'm running out of time to finish my WoA2 game and not finding the time to work on it so I thought I't tap in to the collective genius of the game design community.


The Last Toy in the Toy Box


Road Map:

  • More Rooms:
    • The Nursery

    • The dark upstairs hall.

    • The bad girls room

    • The sinister attic

    • The creepy staircase

    • The living room

    • The deadly kitchen

    • The scary basement

  • Two more toy characters that can be found to join teddi on his quest.
  • Puzzles
  • Problems
  • Challenges
  • More Story
  • Multiple Endings

I'm thinking two endings


Ending 1 - Teddi and friends escape the house. Goal build some kind vehicle that they can use cross the endless lawn to world beyond.

Ending 2 - Save the house.  Harder to achieve requires removing the curse on the house and braving the harder areas like the attic and basement.


Still trying to figure out what 2 toy friends to add they should each be unique and provide ways of solving problems that teddi can't solve.

Thinking of a broken ballerina doll which you repair with an arm and leg from a toy soldier.


Any suggestion for the second friend?


Also I'm looking for ideas for challenges and problems for teddi to deal with as will actives to do in the rooms.

For the nursury I'm thinking

Problem - Save Princess Ballerina from the Rat King

Problem - Hide the toy box from the stranger

Problem - Find a way to bring light to the dark hallway


Ideas? Suggestions?

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Mr Potatohead -- multiple parts for different encounters - part of your story could include finding additional addons for Mr Potatohead enabling greater abilities/actions.


Jack in the box -- could be used as a temporary fear effect on enemies thus giving opportunites to collect something or escape something.


Bucket of monkeys -- rope swing, lasso, swarming attack.


Thomas the tank engine - increase movement speed, haulage of larger items


My Little ponies - magical power, increased movement, jumping obstacles, haulage




Just some thoughts, hope they help and good luck with the game :)

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A Speak-n-Spell or one of those talking rotary phone toys.  Something that speaks and/or makes noise, to communicate or startle or scare something away.


A toy firetruck (if you also find water, can spray water).  A siren would make a startling noise, too.

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I like the mr potato head idea. He could be the swiss army knife of characters.

And the barrel of monkey's I'm not sure how yet but I need to find a way to incorporate that into the game.

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It seems the website is down. So I will improvise (ignore if it makes no sense with how exactly the game work) :D



Just one ending will suffice. Especially if it is a small game.

Try to make all problems/challenges use the same/similar mechanic, it will save you trouble in a long run.

I think it might be betterto have  "one problem per room"... Less confusing to the player as well.


Problem - Find a piece of something, it's hidden in 5 rooms (it will be used in another room to solve some big problem)

Problem - Take over the "Remote Control" in the living room so you became the local master of the TV, also can be traded with any NPC in that location since everyone desires it :)

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