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Help for many textures!!!

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I am now dealing with many ultrasound images. These image will be composed to be a volume data. I want to visulize these all images in a D3D window. The images will be totally 256. How can I do with these too many textures? Can I initially create 256 textures? Or only can I create a few textures? I don''t use the volume texture of DX8 because these images are not regular. Can anyone give me advice? Thank you!

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Sounds interesting. I assume you mean 8bit images when you say 256. Basically I would load all the images using the approprate texture loading gubbins of DX8.

If you mean 256 sets of textures well, AFAIK I think if you create them using the D3DPOOL_DEFAULT DX8 will put them in system memory if it runs out of video ram, then swaps them in and out when required. Note this will result in some slowdown.

To visualise them I would have a set of 3d Quads specified each by 4 vertices and a triangle list, setting a different texture for each. They would be "slices" of you data.

The advantage to using 3D quads as apposed to sprites is that you can rotate around you data and see it recomposed in 3D.

Remember to turn off back face culling, turn on D3DRS_ALPHABLENDENABLE and set a none 255 alpha value for your vertices otherwise you might not see them. Oh and I dont think you''ll need a zbuffer since you just get into sorting problems.

Hope this helps, or at least makes some sense

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