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CMake - ExternalProject targets slowing down everything

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My project uses CMake's externalproject module for pulling in dependencies not found on the host system. It was a great idea until I actually started working on the project's source code again.


Whenever I "make myproject", all dependencies are also pulled in to the make command. This means all repositories are pulled, all configure scripts are executed, and all dependencies are re-installed. Given the number and size of dependencies, this can take an annoying 20 seconds.


Is there a way to to tell CMake to build an externalproject exactly once and then ignore it if it was successful in the future?

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You can just check if you have already downloaded or built it by creating a file after download or build steps and checking for that file later on.


Here is where I got this code from:

# are we building a source package or should we download from the internet ?
if(EXISTS ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/ThisIsASourcePackage.valid )	
  set(buildFromSourcePackage TRUE)
  set(buildFromSourcePackage FALSE)

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