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Javascript / angularJS OO and Code Separation Techniques

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Hey All,


I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about javascript programming but I did use it to create my entry of the week of awesome 2  competition. Now that competition is close I'd like to continue developing my game but before I continue to build on to what I've already got I'm looking for advice on how to better structure my code base. As how things currently stand I have one js file consisting of a 1000+ line controller.


Its made up of several sections:

  • Game Data - Holding all the variable related to the current game state.
  • Actions Lits - These are list of all the available actions in each room, along with descriptions of the actions, whether they are enabled, how many times its been called and a maximum number of times it can be called, not relevant to every action.
  • Story Data - This is just arrays containing text displayed at different times to the user, and any accompanying image data to go with the text.
  • Action Methods - There is a set methods that deal with performing an action, enabling, and disabling actions, and resolving the action and whatever the success and failure results.
  • Popup methods - These methods deal with displaying and handling input from popup boxes displayed to the user.
  • Combat methods - The methods that deal with combat.
  • Stat Change methods - This is set of methods that wrap the common functionality around changing any of the main character stats.


If I was doing this c# or java I'd be able to break all of those into different classes or spread the functionality across multiple partial files without a problem.  But when using them inside an angularJS controller I haven't go a scooby as to how to go about it.


Any good tips on how to proceed?  I don't want to end up with one file that's over 5000 lines long.


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I'm also doing myself questions about that. My problem stems from the fact to have private methods you have to use closures but at that point everything must be there.


I tried to refactor in helper objects as much as possible but I'm not currently satisfied.



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