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Deferred Decal Flipped axis

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Hi all,

I have implemented deferred decal which works very good but I have to scale my box on Y-Axis to have decal more in depth (Z-Axis) :

Y = 1.0f


Y = 4.0f


Here the HLSL Pixel shader used on D3D11 renderer :

float4 main( in PS_INPUT Input ) : SV_TARGET0
  // View space position.
  float PositionDepth = DepthMap.Sample( ClampPointSampler, Input.TexCoord ).r;
  float3 PositionVS = Input.ViewRay * DepthToViewZ( PositionDepth );

  // Compute the decal texcoord.
  float4 DecalTexCoord = mul( float4( PositionVS, 1.0f ), DecalMatrix );
  clip( 0.5f - abs( DecalTexCoord.xyz ) );
  DecalTexCoord.xy += 0.5f;
  DecalTexCoord.y *= -1.0f;
  // Return the decal color.
  return DiffuseMap.Sample( ClampLinearSampler, DecalTexCoord.xy );

Here the DecalMatrix updated each frame when rendering a decal :

DeferredDecalCBuffer->DecalMatrix = View.Inversed() * World.Inversed();

View is the camera view matrix and World is the decal world matrix used to render the box.

Thanks for the help



One solution found but I want to know if another exist or if it's the best I have :

The solution is to create the view matrix using a look at matrix based on the decal translation and forward vector from quaternion and have that in the pixel shader :

float4 DecalTexCoord = mul( float4( PositionVS, 1.0f ), DecalMatrix );
DecalTexCoord.xy *= RcpDecalSize;

DecalMatrix is : View.Inversed() * LookAtMatrix;

RcpDecalSize = float2( 1.0f / DecalSize.x, 1.0f / DecalSize.z );

Surely the DecalSize.y should be used to scale the DecalTexCoord.z.



Finally it's normal because you change the space so Z becomes Y.

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