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Tako's Japanese: Learn japanese. Coming soon (looking for feedback)

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Hello everyone!


My name is Ricardo and I'm part of a group of friends who made a small indie studio called Giant Soul Interactive, and we're almost ready with our first game. It's called Takos Japanese: Learn Japanese.


I think is easy to know what's the game about just with the name. We try to create a game to learn Japanese basics but in a fun way.










We prepared 27 lessons of Hiragana, 27 lessons of Katakana and 34 lessons of Kanji, all of them N5 level, the basics, but we're thinking to reach the N4 level after the launch. On each lesson you have to write the character, first helped by the game, and after a few tries, freely on the blackboard. We also prepare some minigames to keep what you've learned during the lessons.








We also recorded how to pronounce each character from a native Japanese teacher (the lead artist of our game is learning Japanese and his teacher help us a lot).


We use ActionScript 3 with Adobe Air, Starling and Feathers. Graphics are made with Illustrator and animations with Flash.

It's been almost 2 years since we started developing the game, and now it's 90% ready. We expect to be ready at the end of October for Android, iOS and Kindle devices (tablet and mobile).


You can follow the development at @takosjapanese, @giantsoulint, Facebook.com Facebook.com and the webpage Takosjapanese.com

I hope you will like it, and your feedback will me more than welcome.


P.D: Here you are a "making of video" about mole's minigame 

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