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Terrain Smooth

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Hi all,

For my terrain I have a smooth tool which uses a radius.

Actually I average using 8 pixels around each pixel in for loop.

Is it better to use another algorithm to smooth a terrain part using a radius ?

Is it better to take only the center pixel and average based on the radius of the tool ?

Thanks for the help

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that depends on what you want to achieve, but usually terrain is very similar to image filtering, so it's worth to take a look at those algorithms.

Averaging 8 surrounding pixels sounds ok, you could weight that average against the center pixel to have some kind of smoothing-intensity.
One step further would be gaussian blur, it should do a good job to smooth the pixels in general.
if you want to preserve edges but smooth noisy areas, you could implement a bilateral filter.
in case you want to get rid of some 'peaks' e.g. when some procedural noise generated the terrain, you could try a median-filter.

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