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Please click link above for a poster of our current roster, what we are recruiting for and our current progress in development.
Game Features:
Free-to-Play - PA will be nonprofit and charging no money to purchase or play the game. As a result, our goal is to avoid copyright infringements and to recruit staff members that are looking for no pay or wages for their work. We're comprised of people who are both honing their various trades and passionate about the world they create and game they work on.
Skill-Based - PA will be 100% skill based game play. No targeting and no random damage factors. Every ability used will be manually aimed and in order to succeed you'll need to pair effective combos of spells and time your dodging and blocking effectively. There will be no items or gear that will affect game play other than cosmetics.
Arena PvP -  Players will be pitted against others in arena-style combat. This may vary from team battles to solo bouts and you'll have limited area to move around in and interact with. Before launching into game play, you'll be either in a lobby and interface to launch and browse or a small town scene where you'll be able to access options, stores, etc.The bulk of the game's experience will be in Arena PvP, however.
Customization - PA will feature a lot of aspects of customization seen in MMORPGs. We aim at you being able to customize your created character, the type of apparel they wear, what type of abilities you'll be able to use, attribute points, keybinds, talents, etc.
We’re looking for all of the below, though we’re just starting with development. Some work may not be ready for the modelers, animators, programmers and all potential others we have until we’re ready to progress. Don’t let that stop you, though. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested. Applications for concept artists and sound designers are locked, though a promising candidate may earn you a spot on the team.
3d Environment Modelers
3d Character Modelers
Email: zachgebhard@gmail.com
Skype: Gebhard001
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