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Ball trajectory prediction

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Hello outthere, I''m working on a Pong game wich includes a small AI. To make it easy for the player to win from the computer it needs to calculate the end point of the ball and then add a confusion factor to make the calc less accurate. But how do I calculate the endpoint of the ball if I only know the distance to the wall and the angle? | | | |....X | .... = Line to the wall X = Ball | = wall Angle = 45 degrees How can i calc where the ball hits the wall? I know how to calc it when I have to lines but I only know one. Any suggestions? Sand Hawk

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To work out what line the ball is travelling on, use tan function to get the gradient:

Gradient = Tan(Angle)

y = mx + b

y - mx = b

Then, to get the y-intercept of the ball, use this formula:

YIntercept = BallY - Gradient * BallX

And put them together:

y = Gradient * x + YIntercept

and that is the line describing the path the ball is going on.

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