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I do not understand the code (Hashtable)

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i'm learning from

def new(num_buckets=256):
    """Initializes a Map with the given number of buckets."""
    aMap = []
    for i in range(0, num_buckets):
    return aMap

def hash_key(aMap, key):
    """Given a key this will create a number and then convert it to
    an index for the aMap's buckets."""
    return hash(key) % len(aMap)

def get_bucket(aMap, key):
    """Given a key, find the bucket where it would go."""
    bucket_id = hash_key(aMap, key)
    return aMap[bucket_id]

def get_slot(aMap, key, default=None):
    Returns the index, key, and value of a slot found in a bucket.
    Returns -1, key, and default (None if not set) when not found.
    bucket = get_bucket(aMap, key)

    for i, kv in enumerate(bucket):
        k, v = kv
        if key == k:
            return i, k, v

    return -1, key, default

def get(aMap, key, default=None):
    """Gets the value in a bucket for the given key, or the default."""
    i, k, v = get_slot(aMap, key, default=default)
    return v

def set(aMap, key, value):
    """Sets the key to the value, replacing any existing value."""
    bucket = get_bucket(aMap, key)
    i, k, v = get_slot(aMap, key)

    if i >= 0:
        # the key exists, replace it
        bucket[i] = (key, value)
        # the key does not, append to create it
        bucket.append((key, value))

def delete(aMap, key):
    """Deletes the given key from the Map."""
    bucket = get_bucket(aMap, key)

    for i in xrange(len(bucket)):
        k, v = bucket[i]
        if key == k:
            del bucket[i]

def list(aMap):
    """Prints out what's in the Map."""
    for bucket in aMap:
        if bucket:
            for k, v in bucket:
                print k, v

i searched for hash function, hash table,hashmap

return hash(key) % len(aMap) 

How does it work?

& what he mean with the bucket when i read about hash  i think i couldn't  understand what he mean with bucket 

(Given a key this will create a number and then convert it to

an index for the aMap's buckets)

but i want to know how does it work 

i run it and tried many times I understood things, and things I did not understand



& if u don't understand what i mean please tell me smile.png & sry for asking 

i will try again ....




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In a hashtable, a "bucket" is just a fancy name for an index of the array.  They are also commonly known as "slots."  Other than that "AuthenticOwl" nicely sums up how a hashtable works.


EDIT: And as "AuthenticOwl" mentioned, summing the ASCII values of a string is usually not an ideal approach to hashing as there is a high risk of collision.  Also, if you want to understand how the code works, take it line by line.

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