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Cocos2d-x C++ Tutorial Series

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Hello all.  Not sure where tutorials go on these days, so I'm going to go ahead and post it here, please feel free to move this is I picked wrong.


Anyways, I've started another ongoing tutorial series that is currently a WIP.  This one covers Cocos2d-x using C++.  It looks at the newest version (3.3beta as of writing), which is a version of Cocos2d-x that has been greatly refactored to be more C++'ish and less Objective-C'ish.  Unfortunately this move makes a lot of the material out there outdated or simply wrong, I hope to fix that.



The tutorial currently consists of:


Installation, Creating a Project and Hello World


Basic Sprites, Position, Parenting and Coordinate Systems


Handling Mouse and Touch Events


Handling Keyboard Events



There is also a Table of Contents.


The series is ongoing.  I try to stick to modern C++ as much as possible, although it's a language I've not used a ton, so if you spot something stupid, that's probably why. :)  Compared to some of my prior tutorial series, each individual post is a bit longer than normal, each about the same as a chapter from a book.  For example, when I converted the first post into a PDF, it was 30 pages in length!  Assuming a certain amount of popularity, I intend to keep covering Cocos2d-x until I've covered all the major aspects.


As always, any feedback, comments, questions and suggestions appreciated.

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