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Voxelfield - MOBA where you can destroy everything! Kickstarted!

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Hi! This is my first post here - so if you don't mind, I might a little introduce myself, team that I work with and project that we are currently working on smile.png


My name is Mariusz Komorowski (komorra), I'm currently at the lead programmer position in the project Voxelfield - a MOBA genre, voxel based game which provides ability to destroy every object in the game - cars, buildings, bridges, lanterns, roads - just everything. I code mainly in C# and C++, but for game projects the Unity3D is especially great tool to me.


Our team Psycho Interactive started dreaming about voxel based game RTS in 2011. We have switched in some time from RTS to MOBA, and we thought that there is too many MOBA's where the world is placed in fantasy environment - so we decided to give the players something fresh - with Sci-Fi / HiTech background. We choosed voxels as a level building medium - and give them quite small scale (levels from top are similar to pixel art), give them ability to emit light, reflect surroundings and physical appearance (so destroying i.e. concrete will be other than glass destruction). We've created our own tools to make voxel assets - and our own developed from scratch technology that converts voxels to GPU data at optimum performance and very low poly usage.


The game is placed in dystopian future, where the player will control powerful mech machines through variety of pilots (every pilot with different skills). Mechs are fully customizable through inventory system (which containains slot groups and a little crafting possible here). The good news is that, you can actually modify gameplay by destroying things on levels, i.e. you can detonate a bridge where your enemy just passing by, you can ruin up buildings, making previous ways unable to pass, etc.


If you would learn more about the game, I could recommend reading our blog: www.voxelfield.com/devblog/


The project is currently launched on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1534173570/voxelfield-the-moba-where-you-can-destroy-everythi and every kind of support will be greatly appreciated!


Also you can follow me or directly game twitter to receive daily updates: https://twitter.com/komorra86  , https://twitter.com/Voxelfield

Or if you like, go to the our facebook game page: https://www.facebook.com/voxelfield


To end this post, I'm very interested in your opinions about project itself, kickstarter project site and every suggestion/feedback are really appreciated! smile.png Thanks for reading.

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