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Dustbowl - A post-apocalyptic adventure (survival point'n'click)

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The world collapsed, you have to scrounge the ruins, explore desolated wastelands and try to find the truth about what really happened...

Dustbowl could be described as a survival point'n'click, a kind of 2D STALKER with a retro look (C64 palette!).
Expect puzzles, trash loot and permadeath!
We also give great importance to the story, we want it rich and mature.








Some features:
- night and day cycle
- health, thirst, hunger, sleep system
- inventory weight system
- combat
- quests
- a lot of randomization


Most of the game mechanics are running, so we can say we are not far from an alpha demo.

But, there is a lot to do with writings (puzzles, dialogs, quests, story) and gfx.
Still, we plan a release in Q1 2015.

For more infos, videos and screenshots visit our indiedb page:

Thx for reading!

I'm waiting for your questions and feedbacks.

Coz yeah, we try to promote our game, but we are also here to share, discuss, progress. ;) 



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Some people here and there asked me about the combat system.

You can see some fights in the videos.
But here is some explanations and a fresh in-game screenshot:


That Brute just hit me critically! :D

It's turn based combat (rpg like).

We are polishing it, but for the moment, it works like this:
1) You choose a body part (head, torso, limbs).
2) You click to make a needle move on the gauge.
3) You click to stop it.
On grey parts you miss.
On purple ones you hit (randomly between min and max value of the weapon).
On red ones you hit critically (with the critical value of the weapon).
On center it's deadly shot! (Head shot, Heart shot or Limb Torn).

Instead of deadly shot, enemies have special shoot with effect that has to be cured (bleeding, poisoning, infect, irradiate).

You can try to "run" away in combat (the success is randomized and depends of the enemy's danger level).
You can "use" some items (to heal for example : it "costs" one turn).

There is an armor system (like 3 hp for each part of the body).
If a part of the armor has 0 hp, so the player hp is decreased when hit.
It means you have to find weak-points hehe

Also, we are thinking about modify the system a bit.
Here is a mockup :


It would work like this:

1) Hover a part of the dummy (with a target cursor)
2) Press mouse button: the needle moves
3) Release mouse button: the needle stops (so you hit)

So the fight would be - I think and I hope - more dynamic, more fast paced, with more "feeling".

What do you think about it?

Thx for your opinion !

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Hi all!

It's been a while, but I'm back with some serious content! :D
We were very busy with (arranged according to degree of importance):
1) facebook page
2) website (still wip)
3) trailer
4) open alpha demo (not closed as planned, so it took a bit more time)

So please, download our demo, play it and if you like it, vote YES on steam greenlight. :)
But most important send us (here or by PM) feedbacks, critics, bug reports, etc. so we can improve DB.

Thx for reading and see you soon!

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