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Shadow in DirectX

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is my technique correct?


i use this technique for rendering a shadow using HLSL :

1/ my scene has a sphere located in (0,3,0) & a floor like a plane (y = 0) & a point light located in (0, 7, 0);

2/ the technique is : if we name P the point light position + N is the name of every vertex of the sphere vertices + the point M is for every vertex of the floor vertices, i use two techniques t1 & t2, t1 for gathring the N points & t2 for calculating the vertices M  & then use the math operation :

float4 NP =mul(P, world_matrix) - mul(sphere.Position, world_matrix); // so here we calculate the NP vector.



float4 NM = mul(floor.Position, world_matrix) - mul(sphere.Position, world_matrix); // so here we calculate the NM vector.


// for dot product calculation ;

NP = normalize(NP);

MN = normalize(NM);



if (floor(dot(NP, NM)) == -1) 


// the vertex M is in shadow




// the vertex M is not in shadow.



the scene without shadow is

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