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Unity What game engine/game library could be the best one for Android development?

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Hello guys, How're you doing? I'm doing really well !

I know this is a very asked question, but for a generalist Indie Game Developer, what is the best game engine or library?

Languages I know a bit:
C++, Python, Java (Just a little)
And I'm happy to learn Lua.


I'd prefer something which keeps me away from Java... But once I have no choice, I have seen some libgdx videos, and I just think that its a bit disorganized and confuse (Ok sorry Java'ers, but I really think the whole Java thing is VERY DISORGANIZED AND CONFUSE) I prefer a simple and organized C++ code ( haha, nice one BIG POSER! ).

So guys don't kill me by posting such as a rumor like this, I also don't know the whole thing, I'm just preventing... )

That's It! I need your help!

TIA. _w4r.

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what is the best game engine or library?

Best depends on you, depends on your team, depends on your game.


There are lots of engines and tools, see the forum FAQ for some of the more popular cross-platform selections.


I have heard about Unity's possible sell

Yes, that is fairly old news. There was a write-up last month about it available here.


Basically one of the co-founders left last year and was talking openly about selling his portion of the ownership shares, and so far (20 months later and counting) he hasn't sold them.  After he talked of selling, the other share-holders within the company also started discussion about potentially selling their shares, selling the company to another in a buyout, going public, and other options.  


Based on media reports they have already turned down multiple buyout attempts, two were publicly discussed below $1B. Several people put the valuation around $1.5B or $2B. At their current value they are overdue for some kind of transformation.

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I've answered this question in one of my recent youtube videos. Check out my channel in my description and you should find the video on my channel. 


I referred you there because i don't want to retype my answer over and over. Its more efficient if you just watch the video. :-)

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You could of course have at least given a link to the specific video. Or given the name of the video.


edit: Well it was easy to find.


I'm sorry but that video was not useful at all. Jut you repeating yourself over and over giving really obvious advice when what is needed by most people is some concrete comparisons.

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