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Templates what "phase" of compilation

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Three related questions


Is template "resolution" done by the preprocessor or the compiler or a third entity?

If the "resolution" is done by the compiler its still done in a separate pass before actual compilation right?

Is there a special name for the phase where templates get "resolved"?


Oh and when i say "resolved" is there a better term, "instantiated" maybe?


Thanks in advance for any help.


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Experimentally, it seems to me like this is the pipeline (at least for MSVC):

- Preprocessor runs
- Compiler begins running through each translation unit
- As things requiring a template instantiation are traversed, templates are instantiated, potentially generating errors

This is easy to confirm by putting a template declaration prior to a syntax error and compiling, then moving the syntax error to ahead of the template and recompiling. The order of emitted errors seems to support my theory.

This is purely speculation, of course.

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