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[answered] Component objects with data driven design

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Hey folks,


I'm messing around with a small project in my spare time (a 2D editor using Monogame), and am in the process of designing a data driven component-object system.


So the basic idea is that at runtime the editor parses all JSON files in a project's data directory, adding each Object to a content library. Users in the editor will be able open up the content browser and drag/drop objects in to the game world... all fairly simple stuff.


The objects in my engine are component based. The engine defines a set of fairly common components (graphic/physics/audio) but what I'd like to be able to do is have the JSON files define components that are unique to the Game... class types that the editor isn't aware of.


As an example :

 "class" : "Object",
 "Name" : "Jim",
 "Health" : "50",
 "Components" : [
      "class" : "GraphicComponent",  // defined by Engine
      "image" : "jim.png"
      "class" : "PlayerController",  // defined by Game

So my question comes down to how to handle this in the editor when I'm deserializing this Object... obviously the editor isn't going to know what to do with the PlayerController class, and I don't want to throw a bunch of exceptions when trying to load an object.


I'm looking at using JSON.NET, and was wondering if it's possible to build a custom deserializer so I can just ignore any class types that the editor doesn't know about?


Thanks for the advice!

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