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How to fake angled walls with Wolf style raycasting

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Hello all!


New to the forum. Spent the last day googling on this topic and found hardly anything, appart from some games which show faking angled walls should be possible:

Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss or


There's a lot of threads here about raycaysting, so decided to ask it myself smile.png


I've found two tutorials which explain doors & I think how faking doors work is the key for faking angled walls... as they say if a door is found half of the stepping distance should be added to the ray.


now see my attached pic:




the intersection I need to find is marked with green, but if I add to the distance the ray will end up inside the wall next to the door (blue spot). now I understand it still might give back correct texture coo, but I fail to see it will, and the distance will be definitly off.


anyone can explain how doors work this way ? (adding to the distance..) smile.png


so if doors should work like that, I was thinking that based on where the wall was hit, I could add different amount to the ray's position, and that would make angled walls..


I guess if I can understand doors I could do angled walls aswell smile.png





found another picture:




and this is why I dont understand why it would work, I need the green intersection, not the top one on the read line:



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if you have the slope of the red line (dy/dx) and a point on the red line,  you should be able to find the green point if you know the x coordinate of the wall it intersects.


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