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Nomad Fleet - Space RTS

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I'm Jorge, I've made a few mobile games before but now I'm working alone in a PC RTS. My dream is to have a project worthy of being in Steam.


So what is Nomad Fleet?


Nomad Fleet is a real-time strategy game set in space where you lead a fleet of spaceships (from huge capital ships to small fighters) through several procedural levels. Your goal is to lead Mankind to safety after a mysterious alien race has hunted them nearing extinction. To achieve that you must use fleet tactics, build new ships, research new technologies and meet other alien races through your journey.


Comparisons are inevitable so I must say that my main sources of inspiration are Homeworld and FTL.



Ok, what can you show us?


For a start here's a gif:





I have other gifs but they are heavy so here's a list with links to gfycat so you can see my current prototype in action:


Interceptors Skirmish


Human Bombers vs Alien Frigate


Closer look to the Alien Interceptors


Hyperspace Jump Effect


Tactical Map


Galactic Map


More Interceptors



What's next?


As you can see the project is quite ambitious, I still need to create the rest of the ships, fix the local avoidance for the big ships, create systems for saving data and generate procedural levels, create the tutorial, create a website, content, testing, more content, more testing, etc.


Release Date?


TBA. I'm a newbie regarding big projects and I'm funding the game with my savings so in a few months I'll have to go back to a full time job and that should slow down my progress (at this moment I've been working around 2-3 months full time).



Thanks for your attention. Feedback, questions and critics are welcome!




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