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Someone please tell me why it says "Initialization Failed" when my screensaver runs.?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
With answers like that.. you''ll be working for M$ tech support in no time!! :D


ps. What screen saver, or is it all of them?

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Its my OpenGL animation, i changed the file extension to .scr and followed these detailed instructions on code changes required to make it a screensaver. I follow the instructions from a post in August, i actually reposted it, should be a few posts below this one. I followed all those, cant figure out what i did wrong because im a newbie at this.


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Original post by Anonymous Poster
With answers like that.. you''ll be working for M$ tech support in no time!! :D

Thank you. Now, for a more verbose (and potentially more abusive and emotionally scarring) reply, please stand by...

If you write a program, execute it and it says "Initialization Failed" - initialization failed. Go back and look at your motherfucking init code, bitch! Furthermore, if you want help (and resort to an OpenGL forum to get it), don''t you think you should have somehow narrowed the problem down a bit?

To Scraniel: if you''re a newbie at this (I''ll assume programming in general for now), then you have no business creating screensavers. Harsh? Too bad; I tell it like it is. You require a fundamental grasp of Windows applications before you should go fiddling with screensavers. I wrote one a good while back, and I know that there was a nice sample on the CD with MSVC 4.0; I assume it''s still there. Read the docs.

If you''re not a newbie to programming, I apologize for calling you one. You still suck, however, if you can''t narrow your search to come up with something more specific than "...please tell me why it says ''Initialization Failed''..."

/me assumes nicer tone

Now that I''m done ranting, go into your source code and add message boxes everywhere you get a return value to make sure the code executed successfully. For example,

// say I call an InitGL() function that returns true or false:
bool result;
result = InitGL();
if(!result) // result is false
MessageBox(NULL, "InitGL failed!", "Error!",

This way, my app will give me a message if any critical section of code fails. This is what I like to call "Debugging for beginners." The next step is to learn to use the integrated debugger in MSVC.

You can set breakpoints (points where your application will pause so you can look at the values of variables as well as the output) on lines by pressing F9. You then start the debugger using F5 and can advance over one line at a time (F10), into a function call or statement (F11), out of a function call or statement (Shift+F11), up to the next breakpoint or the end of the application (F5 again, useful for debugging loops). Every time the debugger pauses the application, it displays the values of the variables involved in the current statement in the Variables window. You can also add certain variables to the Watch window to observe them for any changes at any point during the execution of your program.

To stop debugging at any time, hit Shift+F5.

Have a nice day, and remember - we love you at cuddly-wuddly, sweetie-weetie Microsoftie-woftie.

I wanna work for Microsoft!

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