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Unnamed Fiasco

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[attachment=24261:Unnamed Fiasco 08.png]
¡Hola! guys, I'd like to present a game my team submitted to Steam Greenlight: Unnamed Fiasco is a 2D local multiplayer game where the players collect shards to activate their weapons and battle the opponents. Each weapon type has its own pros and cons and players can use itens such as shields, mines, stun and weapon disable waves to add some strategy to the matches. Every death spawns a previous-life clone to help the player and with minute madness, every minute a new match modifier, such as inverted controls, low gravity and ping pong, is enabled to greatly change the way the game is played. The goal is to make a fun couch multiplayer action game.
We have the following features currently in the game and more to come:
  • 2-4 players local multi-player
  • Collect three shards of the same color to activate weapons. Each weapon type has its own cons and pros
  • Game modes: deathmatch, capture the flag, treasure hunt, police chase
  • Clones: when a player dies, a clone is created to help him mimicking his past lives' movements and actions
  • Minute madness: random match modifiers such as low/high gravity, inverted controls, ping-pong physics and much more are enabled when this mode is on to completely change the match pacing
  • Itens: players can use itens to reinforce themselves or weaken opponents. Itens include weapon disable, stun, golden gun, shields and more
  • Old ladies and moustaches!
Unnamed Fiasco is still in development, so we are gathering a lot of feedback. Please let us know what you like or don't and help us out on Steam Greenlight!
[attachment=24260:Unnamed Fiasco 03.png]
[attachment=24262:Unnamed Fiasco 04.png]
[attachment=24263:Unnamed Fiasco 01.png]

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