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Line plotting

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Right it coding somthing in basic language.. What I want to do is plot a line between 2 points and be able to plot each of the points along the line... What im doing is making sure that a bullet shot at me in 2d then travels right @ me if you know what I mean...

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Guest Anonymous Poster
search for the bresenham line algorithm
there should be hundreds of docs on it.
chose the easiest explained one.

(my fav searching engine is google :-)

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Here''s a simple technique that isn''t as fast as Bresenham''s but takes me less time to type!

void drawLine(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2)
int deltaX = x1 - x2;
int deltaY = y1 - y2;
float dist = sqrt(square(deltaX) + square(deltaY));

deltaX /= dist;
deltaY /= dist;

int x = x1;
int y = y1;
for(int d = 0; d < dist; d++)
plotPixel(x, y); //Replace with appropriate function

x += deltaX;
y += deltaY;

I''ll post a BASIC equivalent below (I''m a little rusty in BASIC, so forgive me ifthe syntax isn''t perfect):

Sub drawLine(x1 as Integer, y1 as Integer, x2 as Integer, y2 as Integer)

Dim deltaX as Integer
deltaX = x1 - x2

Dim deltaY as Integer
deltaY = y1 - y2

Dim dist as Single
dist = sqr(deltaX^2 + deltaY^2)

deltaX = deltaX / dist
deltaY = deltaY / dist

Dim x as Integer
x = x1
Dim y as Integer
y = y1

Dim d as Integer
For d = 1 To dist
plotPixel(x, y) ''Replace with PUT or whatever you use
x = x + deltaX
y = y + deltaY
Next d
End Sub

Hope that helps!

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