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As can be guessed this is a Lua console named "BLuaConsole". It's under MIT license, just as Lua.

It uses SFML 2.1 for input and rendering but is portable (because the core is only using Lua 5.[12] API) to any other font rendering / key input very easily, this was inspired by way GWEN handles it's renderers and inputs.


The code, API and example (from which screen below comes) are all well commented.

It uses only C++98 features and compiles with W, Wall, ansi and pedantic with no errors at all on GCC so I assume it should work with Visual but I can't test it.


It's also usable for both Lua 5.1 and 5.2 (I compile it both with LuaJIT and 5.2 before every commit).


GitHub link: https://github.com/FRex/LuaConsole


The list of features is very standard and exactly what you'd expect of a "terminal":

  • history (up/down),
  • completion and hinting (tab),
  • colored output (with setable colors for errors, (default) echos, frame, title, background, code, hints, you can also echo a string with each character having a specific color),
  • repeating last line when pressing enter with empty prompt (gdb inspired, toggleable),
  • standard movement and editing (typing, backspace, delete, left/right),
  • jumping over words for quicker navigation (ctrl + left/right),
  • many, many more.


A teaser screen (that doesn't say much).


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I am interested in all Lua things, so first thanks for that announcement :) Could you explain a little what one can do with such a console? Is it for evaluating short Lua expressions only, or are there other usecases?

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It's a Lua terminal that you can use in game (for now, just in SFML ones but SDL should be 100% usable if you get a monospaced font renderer).

I wrote it for myself to use it like a 'dev console'. To print errors to, write commands, edit maps with commands, etc.

You can enter long expressions too BTW, line by line, there is chunking just like in standalone Lua.

There are no other 'usecases', all of the features are just icing to help you easily and quickly enter small bits of Lua (you can of course call dofile, require or write a long function that takes 20 lines).

Two most important features (for me) are completion and history, it's much quicker (at least for me) to use history and complete most of the code (or even see what you can access in which table/metatable) than to type every-single-letter into some primitive ad-hoc prompt.

The completion is rather good (but not perfect), it'll try to look through metatable and table of last object in prompt line, it'll skip elements starting with _ unless you already typed _ and if there is 0 ambiguity it'll complete the code instead of printing the hint (green text in screen above is hints, it's really hard to show what it is on static screens).

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