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Where do I start

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Hi Im new to this site and a complete beginner and I want to be a game designer but I dont where to start unsure.png. Im in high school right, Im thinking about doing it as a job one day. So please can you give my any usefull tips or advice on how to be a game designer.



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Hi there, welcome!


Where do I start?


This question get's asked a lot on this board. You must read the FAQ here.


Decide what you find fun in game development early on. Is it the technical side, the programming and prototyping? Is it art direction or audio direction? Or something else entirely? Id actually strongly recommend trying a bit of everything to begin with. Then you might discover what you really enjoy doing with game development. Check out different programming languages, technologies/engines and give it a go. Obviously, fitting your future education around this now, is a very good idea.


Learn, learn, learn and learn some more. Prototype games and ideas. You should have a repository full of prototypes one day. If you then believe in an idea enough, you may take it further, which is fantastic. Never be afraid to prototype ideas with cover art or even just rectangles and circles. For example, I created a Terraria style world block system in love2d here. It looks terrible right, but gave me an idea of how to build it and how I might use this idea in the future.


What else do I do to get started?


Very few people in game development have the skillset to do absolutely everything as a one man band. I really recommend networking as soon as possible. The ability to get on well with like minded individuals, is actually more valuable than being a superstar at any given discipline. What do I mean by networking? Find out about events for game developers and where like minded individuals congregate. You should get yourself a portfolio setup, a repository of examples and demos. Talk to people, see what they find interesting and whether you can team up.


Learn, learn, learn and learn some more. Prototype games and ideas. Did I say that again? Yes I did, and with good reason. The sooner you start to produce stuff the sooner you learn how to put a game together from start to finish. This becomes invaluable quickly because you recognise how to keep a project on track.


I am not going anywhere fast, help!


Game development is not easy, and if it were, I am sure many others would do it. You will have days where you wan't to throw stuff about because you can't work this little problem out, you will literally be ready to give up on other days.


The reward is that people will be playing games you have created, you will see your ideas and contribution in the flesh. Games are now referred to as art by higher powers and they are art. Games invoke empathy in all of us and if you have an idea in your head that you really want to implement, go ahead and do it straight away! That idea could potentially become the next inspirational game.


I know that doesn't contain all of the information you may need to get started, but I hope it helps you understand that you need to look around and find what you wan't to do in game development.


Best of luck and keep us updated!



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