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Daniele Ferraro

[Indiegogo / Greenlight] DinoSystem - Ecosystem & Survival sim

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DinoSystem is a sandbox and open-ended wilderness survival game immersed in an ecosystem simulation. It is planned for PC, MAC and Linux, and, if the Indiegogo crowdfunding goal is reached, the game will also be ported to mobile.

The setting takes place during the late Cretaceous era, the end-game features the possibility of a massive disaster marking the end of the age of Dinosaurs, which the player must strive to survive.

The game simulates every imaginable variable such as advanced and basic needs, metabolism, body composition, air and body temperature, animal life and behavioral aspects, plant life, natural disasters, soil fertility and aridity, water cycle, and various weather related elements such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, and seasonal changes among many more yet to be determined. 
Every variable works to create a dynamic and emergent survival experience where the player is not the center of the world, but can influence it with his actions.

DinoSystem can be played either in Survival mode and God mode: In Survival mode you control a human. The God mode has you actively managing the simulated ecosystem, a bit like SimEarth and SimLife.


Self-sufficient ecosystem simulation: the game simulates everything from plants, animals to weather. Everything evolves over time according to simulated paratemeters, not scripted events. Nothing "spawns" from nothing.


God mode: manage the ecosystem, introduce new animals, mess with the weather, alter the world temperature or lay destruction with asteroids and other calamities. 


Survival mode: join the ecosystem as a survivor. The player requires to eat, drink, sleep and craft what he needs; the survival mechanics even allow his metabolism to change over time according to his lifestyle, and therefore get or lose muscle and fat.


Temperature: the temperature model is very realistic as everything is taken into account: from proximity to fire, being soaked, wind chill, sun exposure and being idle/sleeping.


Stats and Skills: complex skill system which allows to learn, and even unlearn things you don't practice enough. Stats like strength and athletics depending on character muscle mass, metabolism, weight and general conditions.


Dino breeder: get familiarity with the ancient beasts, learn how to handle them, steal an egg and raise your own triceratops!


Open-endedness: the game has no clear purpose to fulfill, play as long as you like, experiment with the dynamic world, see how far you can go and how fat you can get, or die of dysentery and starvation! The world keeps changing and you with it: will you adapt?



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