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[GAME] Running Twister - Save your Love

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Hi. After playing video games for almost 20 years now, today, we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of our latest creative endeavor: Running Twister - Save your Love, an advanced running game playable on smartphones and tablets Android, iOS and Windows Mobile but also on the Desktop PC. ;) (I'm sorry for my english not good but we are italian developers...)


Our name is GaDoDev Team and we are italian people that develop video games (and more..) since before man walked upright and humanity knew Nutella, Coca Cola and Ikea. biggrin.png Professional musicians and cartoonists, daily engaged in the creation of works of art such as the much-loved cartoon characters, constantly working group to provide HD graphics and exciting music. The team's motto is simple and concise: << Have fun and entertain ! >>


is a game which is actually based on love between a boy called Francy and his sweet girl Mary, a love which was born from the shifty eyes during a run in the park and turned into something so big and beautiful, to push our friend to run every day for miles only because he wants to meet her loved one and give her freshly picked beautiful flowers. But, as usual in cases like this one…danger is always lurking !



<< One day, one of those to clearly forget, the city was struck and destroyed by a terrible tornado, and among other things, a chemical factory in which items and experiments were dangerous! Hideous creatures were released and nothing was ever the same especially after Francy found that Mery was quick from one of those horrible creatures >>



As all the running games, the protagonist has the ability to Jump and Roll. He’s race never stops until it reaches the finish line at the end of each level that, for to be considered exceeded, makes it compulsory for the player to collect the amount of coins and bags which are indicated from time to time. The character, in his relentless running, will   have to go through an insurmountable quantity of obstacles and hideous creatures such as: carnivorous plants, rabid dogs, vultures, angry bees, etc. etc., but also items that will help him to overcome the various obstacles more easily.
One of the strengths of this game is certainly represented by the fact that many objects, as well as being animated, are also subject to the laws of physics and lighting which makes everything much more realistic and exciting !
4 Worlds*
80 Levels*
8 different environments*
4 final enemies in order to access the next Worlds
HD graphics 
Physics and Lights applied to objects
Enemies with A.I. “run and stalking” type
Achievemens and scores shareable on social networks
* The game will be the 1st World with the environments "Park Day"  and "park at night" for a total of 20 levels.. In the following weeks will be released more Worlds and Levels.
- December 2014:  Beta release version for Android devices
- January 2015: Beta release version for iOS devices and final version for Android
- February 2015: release the final version for iOS devices and Beta for WM and PC
- April 2015: release final versions for Windows Mobile and PC

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