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Stanley Tsang

Master Of Tea Kung Fu

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iTunes link:




Master of Tea Kung Fu is a fighting game where you gain power by drinking tea during battle. You literally hold a cup of tea while fighting and take sips to charge up attack meters and temporarily boosts your attributes. It's a fun and quirky take on mobile 1 on 1 fighting games that requires fast reflexes and a bit of strategy. Your cup can only hold so much tea and getting hit causes you to spill some each time. And when things get desperate, you can always throw your tea in your opponent's face and bash him with your cup! Good Times!

Master of Tea Kung Fu was developed completely on my own and will be my first release. I have been a programmer for the last 15 years and it has been simply a joy to make. I was laid off as a tools developer for AMD way back in Oct 2012 and decided to try and make it as an indie. I estimated 1 year to finish this but it actually took 2 years. The biggest challenge was learning how to do the artwork and animations. It was my first time to model and rig a character with faces and creating the animations was a huge learning experience.













More information can be found here: 


I also have a dev blog that I started and discuss things that I have done while developing the game over the last year. 


Anyways, it's has been a really great experience. Lots of high and lots of low moments but I'm thrilled with the advancement I've made and look forward to my next project.

If you have and questions regarding development or the game itself, please post it here and I'll try respond.



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