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Martin H Hollstein

Beta Testing/Feedback Requested for Online Adventure Game

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Hello GameDev community. I think this is one of the few times I have posted on this site and I am doing so because I am in need of some verbose feedback in regards to my online game that I created. There are various sections of the game and the website of the game that I am looking to receive feedback on. These sections are the game itself, the game manual, website layout/design, and further suggestions.


If you would like to stop reading and just go ahead and play, here is the link: http://adventuregamequest.azurewebsites.net/


Before I continue to explain what I am looking for, I would like to explain the project a little as well as the roadmap I have planned out for myself. What I would like to explain is the game itself and its inspiration. Secondly, I will discuss the roadmap of where I am at and where I wish to go.


In regards to the explanation of the game I have two main topics I would like to point out. These topics are the game itself (as in gameplay) and the inspiration behind the game.


First, the game is a text-based adventure game. You, like I did so many years ago, probably just threw out all interest in playing the game. That is fine, we all have different tastes and you aren't forced to continue reading. For those who wish to know more, here is a high level overview. The game is built to be played online and semi-competitively. There is a ranking system based on your adventures that tracks relics you collect, areas you explore, and monsters you fight. It includes a simple achievement system that auto-brags for you what you are doing. I plan on adding inter-player communication and a quest system. Finally, as most indie games/small projects have these days, I plan on adding random gameplay to the mix. What I mean by this is random quest generation (for smaller quests) and random dungeons (tried and true). I will stop here as it is getting more into my roadmap, so I will now discuss with you the inspiration behind such a game.


What is the inspiration behind this game? Well, to be honest, as I stated on my blog - enjoy-game-programming- I did it because I could and was in training to use new libraries, technologies, platforms. Ultimately, I say, it was because I could. However, it grew to be more than that. As I progressed I kept getting new ideas and drive to keep going. I had an idea of a world, a story, gameplay elements, and friendly competition between players. I also new that working on this part time with no artistic skills would be a huge roadblock. So I stuck with the KISS model. I kept it simple and focused on what really makes a game - a medium to tell an interactive story from the designer to you.


Yes, awesome effects, epic music, and slick graphics help with that story telling - I will admit that. However, I wanted to delve into the deeper parts of a game, to create something that gives real drive to keep playing, not just a firework show for the eyes and hears. A game where people think, where the gamer is not treated as a gigantic wallet awed by cheap tricks. Where the game is created with a tight gameplay system and well balanced mechanics. This is where you come in and the reason behind this announcement. I am looking for people to play and give feedback and it would be much appreciated. "This isn't my first rodeo", I have gone to other communities for other projects to receive feedback. I am no stranger to criticism or direction. If you want to be brutal, be brutal. If you had a bad day and want to rip my game to shreds, do. I beg you, feedback is the most important.


Finally, the roadmap I have for this game. Right now I have all of the core functionality in place and is accessible to the player. There are a few features that I would like to add and then some other stuff to jazz it up. Here is a list to keep this short:

  • Gameplay: On Beta Finished
  • Player chat for players in the same location
  • Quest system
  • Expanded world and story
  • Better balancing
  • Expanded npc roster.
  • Non-combat npcs (monstly for giving quests)


  • Before Going Gold
  • Users may pick portraits
  • Background art based on location
  • Revamped UI (hopefully with the help of the community *That's you*)


With that in mind I want to change direction from the game and the motivation behind it to what I am asking assistance for. Remember, what I am mostly looking for is feedback in regards to the game itself (broad overview), the game manual (is it understandable?), website layout/design (is it user friendly/intuitive), and further suggestions.


The first discussion point would be the game itself. I as this because my background and degree is mostly programming related work, I did not always focus my efforts on game design. I feel strongly that I know the theory well, but it is the implementation of various mechanics that I wish to receive feedback on. Such mechanics would be feedback from the game (is it descriptive enough, do you understand what it is telling you, is it appropriate?), balance, and do you simple just get the game. I mean, do you really *get* it.


Secondly, I would like feedback on the game manual. As this is a text-based game, there really wasn't much in the way of a smooth tutorial I could offer. So I decided with an age-old classic - the game manual. I explain all the commands available in the game and what sections of the HUD say and do. I also offer descriptions of various hints the game offers in regards to the HUD. What I am looking for here is if there are any sections that are not clear, missing, or should be replaced.


Finally, with the game being online, I would like to have a user-friendly website to host it on. Right now I would have to say it is pretty basic. I would love it if people with website design backgrounds could offer hints to make it better. Also, the UI for the game and its intuitiveness can fall into this category as well.


I would appreciate all of the feedback possible and here is a link to the website that the game is hosted on (the game name is a working title and WILL be changed):




update version

I have just updated the game with some much needed fixes to the ranking system and I have added chat in the game. Players may now chat by using "" in the command box and pressing Enter or Do. See below for more details, or just visit the site.


update version


Today is an exciting day! I have just release version for my text adventure game at adventuregamequest.azurewebsites.net, feel free to try out the new version at the site! The game is chocked full on new features that I am excited to share. These features are as follows:


  • Enhanced Security: Users now need to confirm email address when signing up for the game. This will pave the way for password recovery and support.
  • Quests: The quest system for the game has been added! This is a huge update as it will pave the way for the Beta version and a fully implemented story!!!!!!!!!! Can you not see the impact of this feature!?!?!? If not, or even if you do, go and check it out.
  • More Achievements: With more things to do in the game, there come more achievements, meaning more opportunities to gain bragging rights.
So go ahead, join today, or log back in, you won't regret it! Here is the path for the alpha testing server - all are invited:
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I think you should set fixed times for the beta tests, so that when we connect to the server it is less likely to be empty? When I produced a text based game like this, I often found people would register and leave due to nobody being around to chat to and interact with. Sounds good though and I might just have a go when I have some free time. Good luck with the beta!

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I would love to set up community events for all to connect and mingle in. However, at this stage the chat functionality for in game communication is not developed yet. It is the next iteration and should be rolled out after December 2nd as it is a part time job. I love the feedback though and will look forward to seeing you join and offer more ideas/constructive criticism (as I know there is a lot that is needed). Thank you for your input!

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I have just made a new update to the game. There is now location to location player chat enabled in the game. The Help and About section has been updated to reflect these changes and show the player how to chat with other players. With this being added I do plan on, sometime in the future, having a multi-user session where we can play and discuss the game.

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