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Starting Back Up. And A Few Questions :)

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Okay, so when i was younger (13-15) I was fascinated by programming and making video games. I've even made a Pong Variant, and started a FPS shooter that had animations, shooting, raycasting, etc. It was all using Dark Basic Pro, so i cant say my best suit is C++, however i do know a bit of C++, and i enjoy programming in C++.


My personal experience is in:

Dark Basic Pro

Java (Formally)



HTML (cant believe i'm including this)




The passion has reignited, and i've started to refresh my programming knowledge that i've only touched on once a month or so, to figure out some complex math i was too lazy to put into a calculator, or write down.


Now down to my questions:


1) I do like simple programming languages, as you might notice with DBP. I'm looking for a full featured language that is object oriented, as well as fast. I know java is pretty fast, compared to older verions, and pretty easy to use. C++ is a little more complex, though i feel a bit more freedom in the abilities, although i haven't done the research, it's all based on my perception. 

Is Java suitable for 2d indy game development?


2) Getting back into small game development, i plan to make 2D games, not a ton of frills, but particle effects are nice, as well as some AI tools. I need an engine. I don't like WYSIWYG editors, or anything of the sort. I like to build my own tools, i just dont have the experience of interfacing directly with d3d, and opengl. I like to have a basic editor that can basically control the graphics portion, and audio, maybe even a bit of networking, while i handle all the logic, loading worlds, managing resources/assets. Any ideas for that?

Any "engines" that are not WYSIWYG for java, that allow a simple interface to d3d/opengl, audio, and networking(maybe) but allow me to handle all the logic?


thank you guys, i appreciate any input!

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Well if you are into java you might want to consider getting into android development. It is basically java with.opengl es. There are lots of frameworks available for it such as libgdx (https://github.com/libgdx/libgdx/) which is also portable to other platforms.

Depending on your experience with c# you might also want to look into monogame which is a good 2d/3d framework portable to lots and lots of platforms but primarily a windows and Linux beast.

good luck!

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