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A few questions about viewports

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I just have a few basic questions about how viewports in Direct3D work. A viewport consists of a width/height along with x/y coordinates in pixels (along with depth values, but I don't think they are really important for what I'm asking). Anyway:


- Am I right in thinking that the world/view/projection matrix combination will map everything into a 2D space where the coordinates range from 0->1 in the x/y directions, and then the active viewport actually translates this into pixel values on-screen? i.e. if I set a 512x512 texture as my render target along with a 512x512 viewport, does that mean that I will have exactly the same end result just squashed into a smaller area? (i.e. my field of view/scene won't change, it will just not fill the screen)?


- Does changing the render target change the viewport dimensions?


Thanks a lot!

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