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2D Liquid Physics for everyone! (Liquid Physics 2D)

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My name is Sam Warner, I'm the creative director at Physical Liquid Software. A new Irish ‘advergaming’ start-up based out of Dublin, Ireland.

I'm posting to announce the release of an asset for the Unity3D game engine, the asset came about as a necessary technology to be developed by us in order to create one of our ‘advergaming’ projects (Which we sadly can’t talk about yet, due to confidentiality agreements). We've spent a lot of time, effort and money on creating this asset and we hope you enjoy it! 


The technology is ground-breaking in the fact that for the first time all game developers (individual or large corporation) can now simulate proper liquid physics on mobile devices. There are games like Where’s my water? That simulate liquid but these were physics engines developed from the ground up by people like Disney costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now everyone can simulate liquids for $150!!

The Asset is called 'Liquid Physics 2D' (LP2D).

Liquid Physics 2D is, as the name suggests, a 2D physics engine plugin for Unity. It's based on a version of Box2D and LiquidFun (an extension of Box2D).

It's an easy to use tool that allows you to create advanced physics based games and simulations within the unity engine. It can simulate tens of thousands of particles in real time to create realistic fluid effects.
Check out the trailer here: 

It can even simulate 1000’s of particles in real-time on modern mobile devices. (ios and android)
Check out the android testbed app here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.physicalliquid.lp2d&hl=en

Our asset is in continued development and is fully supported.
Check out our dedicated support forum for more information and asset support here: http://physicalliquid.com/forum/index.php


All the best,


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