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Wizards' Duel

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I would like to bring your attention to the game that I and one other guy have been working on in our free time: Wizards' Duel.



Several months ago we started a blog about its development, that we regularly update at least twice a week, and we are still somewhat away from even an alpha release, but just today I have created a repository on github to store all the code that I have written until now, so it seemed like a good day to spread the word.
Here follow a few words to describe what we have in mind.
Short Description
Wizards’ Duel will be a tactical turn-based RPG with an heavy focus on emergent gameplay and procedural generation of levels (i.e. a roguelike, but nowadays it seems that everything can be classified as such).
Wizards’ Duel is about two wizards battling each other for their own motives. In this game magic comes from making pacts with powerful spirits to harness their powers. The game is then about exploring different locations to fight powerful spirits and acquire new powers while your rival is doing the same.
The gameplay will be centered around using and combining the powers that you have acquired. For example you could use “ice” to freeze a path under the feet of your enemy and then use “wind” to push them to their death at the bottom of a pit or join them together to cast a power blizzard that will hurt and slow down enemies in an area of effect.
This mechanic joined with the impossibility to get all the spirits on the same run will hopefully create a game where strategy and tactics blend together to form a deep and replayable experience.
Game Details
  • Art Style. 2D top down graphics mixing pixel art characters with HD backgrounds.
  • Target Platforms. Windows, MAC and Linux support are foreseen.
  • Licensing and Pricing. Open Source under GPL3 license.
  • Development Details. C# over mono using SFML.


We are not professionals of the sector (but we are close enough, as the art of my partner can attest), but we are trying to be sensible with this project: respecting tight constraints to ensure that we can deliver and polish it to the point of being fun and of good quality. If this has sparked your interest please feel free to comment and follow us in this adventure (also on twitter @TheBlindLynx and @tndwolf).


Thanks for reading.

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