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[Visual novel] looking for a writer

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I'm currently looking for a writer to work with me (and not for me) on a gothic and burtonian visual novel.

Sadik City is a game I've worked on a long time ago. We've wanted to do a web-based RPG. We didn't realized how time-consuming it would be and we finally decided to put the project on hold. The time passed on we never get the time to work on it again. I still have a lot of awesome graphism and it would be a shame to let it unused. Therefore, I would like to make a short visual novel.

Most part of the graphism is already made. There are already more than fifty available characters.
I took some time lately to adapt another project's framework in order to easily make visual novels. The front end needs improvement, but everything is functional.
Since graphism and programmation are mostly finished, the completion on the game will from now mostly relies on the writer motivation.

The game is based on a sm, gothic and burtonian universe. The ambiance is deviant and pretty screwed up. To have more liberty in the story writing, it should be forbidden under 18.


I've made a quick demo. It is an example made to show the character design and some features of the framework. It is full of english mistakes and there are still few bugs. Once the text was written, it took me only half an hour to integrate to the game. There is a short plot introduction with some film noir vibes, but I don't plan it to use it in the final game and it is not especially how I would like the story to be written. The plot will depend on the writer ideas as I strongly believe the writer should be able to decide which story he or she wants to tell.

There is another demo made with the same framework. Texts and graphics belongs to the authors of Queen At Arms (thanks to them to let me use their content).

It will be an amateur project and I don't plan to make money out of it for now. If this short story is convincing enough, we could use it to start a Kickstarter campaign and if funded, to make a more ambitious game or other short stories. But for now, it is a free game and you shouldn't be expecting to be paid.


Don't hesitate to ask me question by PM or on this topic.
Thank you for reading me.


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Interesting. I like the art that you have here, it's very stylized and for some reason reminds me of some Tim Burton stuff, but that's not important. Question 1: have you ever considered a pen and paper RPG?  I know you wouldn't be able to use the art as much, and it's kind of an old-fashion idea, but there are still people who are really into them. But I think the visual novel thing is a good idea, and it will certainly be interesting to work with the ideas and whatever you already have in place as a story.  One thing you might want to do is put this in classifieds under Hobbyist projects since there is no money involved. Also you might want to put it on www.absolutewrite.com under non-paying markets. There are a ton of writers there and many are mor than willing to offer you some services for free! Anyway, good luck to you!! Cheers!!

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Thanks for the advice.


The graphist has indeed been definitely inspired by Tim Burton movies.


A pen and paper RPG would be nice, but it'd rather stick to the thing I know the better. I've never worked on a paper RPG so I wouldn't really know how to do it.


There is no money involved, but if the result is convincing enough, I'm definitely planning to start a Kickstarter campaign. But I know how hard it can be to found a game so I prefer to be honest and not promising anything unless I'm sure of it.

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