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Question about Vector graphics artstyle

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Good evening,

I am not sure how to phrase it, but is it possible to create "serious" looking vector graphics?
Have been googling for some time now, and the only things i find are funny looking and in general, remind me of Happy Tree Friends.

I think more appropriate question would be, is it possible to create something scary or freaky with vector art, that could be shown only at late night scary shows and it would look scary?

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Well, not really :(

But thanks for the resource!

By serious i mean something like this...
Pokemons are "soft" and "cute", but by changing art style you can make it look more "serious" and "freaky".





By using right art style you can transform "kids show" to "freak show".

But can you create "freak show" with vector graphics?

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I was confused for a while, I didn't realize you where writing about a art form.


If you mean using vector tools to draw, then yes the only thing holding you back from drawing that image of the pokemon is your own skill level.

The deference between pixel and vector graphics is, that pixels are the smallest component of a image/picture/screen, and vectors are points in 2D/3D space.

For a vector to display on screen, it is first converted to pixels by the API.


As a 3D artist I use vector graphics for textures, this allows me to export the image at any texture size a client needs, there is no reason you can not draw what you wan't.


If you mean vector art as a art form, then yes you could make something worthy of a "freak show".

You will need to look into shapes and forms that scare people, like sharp needles and jagged edges.


The concept of fear will also aid in the making of your monster, a normal person can be scary if thy have no remorse or empathy.

a little girl standing over a body, holding a bloody knife is also scary because of the contrast of innocence paired with murder, something a person is usually guilty of.

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These following images are all vector art:



These first two both include some more shading and fine detail.



This one is more cartoony but still has a more "gritty" style to it than some of the other examples.



...and while this one isn't really scary, it's not really cartoony at all and I think makes a good example that very different styles can be achieved with vectors.



I would agree with the others that vector formats and workflow are probably best suited to cartoon/comic styles, but that doesn't mean that other styles can't be achieved or that (as sunandshadow points out above) cartoony graphics still can't be darker and grittier with a more serious feel.



It's also worth taking the mood and feel of the game or animation into account -- even with softer cartoon style graphics you can still achieve that potential "freak show" feeling if the setting, story, etc. are suited to that theme.  "The Binding of Isaac" (not the "Rebirth" sequel, which has pixel art) features cartoony vector art but touches on a lot of taboo subjects and at times can give a very off-putting feel, and thanks to the intense action-based game play pulls off a good occasional scare. 




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