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I can code up a decent console game, but the jump to graphics is stumping me

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Hi everyone!


Like the title says, I can code up a pretty decent console based game in C++ or C#


But when it comes to making the jump to something with graphics I'm a little lost, I want to use the Monogame framework but I really struggle to get through tutorials (they just seem to have so much details I don't need....I can learn better by just reading through some code and figuring it out myself...I find that so fun....but where can I find some code for something with C# and Monogame to read through)


And then there's the problem of what I need to do, I'm pretty sure I'd need some kind of Game Manager class and classes for various entities of the game and so on....but for putting it all together....ummm...so I need to make a window and the put things on it (pretty sure I can figure it out with the practice I had making small games on Win 95 way back from a book)....I don't know, it's just the whole putting the blocks together confuses me for some weird reason....it's like, I know what I need block wise but I don't know how I build them into a working device


I'm not planning on something silly at first just simple stuff to learn (so I'm not making my first game a 3D sandbox MMO ^_^) I might try and make a game that I can use to prototype my board games or something maybe


Anyone who can help me out will get digital cookies and VHS tapes!

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If you'd like to use MonoGame, I think it should be fine. It wraps up game programming concepts in a similar easy to use fashion as SFML. 


You say you don't like following tutorials, but would rather look through code. However, I've found these very useful and they have pretty concise code examples.





I'm including the XNA link since MonoGame is an open source port of XNA so you'll probably find them useful too.


If you're having trouble getting started on a game project because you're not sure what pieces you'll need, you might want to tackle simpler games. Take a look at this article and pick one of the games early in the list to do. It explains which game types you should make first and why. Pong is a great first start.



Let me know where I can pick up my VHS tapes...


- Eck

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When I started out with visual games, I found both Lazy Foo's SDL tutorials and the official SFML tutorials to be very helpful. I think that maybe you should take a step back and forget for a second about making a game. You said that you are already capable of coding a decent game on console, so maybe you don't need to worry about game-related programming right now. Instead, set these simple goals:


- Create a window.

- Keep that window running, and be able to close it.

- Fill that window with color.

- Display an image on this window.

- Move the image through code.

- Move the image through player input.


Each one would be a project by itself, that you could complete rather quickly (a couple of hours in most cases).


Once you are able to move a sprite arround with the keyboard arrows or the mouse, you'll already be able to explore a huge number of possibilities in game making.

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Just throwing in another option.
Jonathan S. Harbor made a nice book on Beginning Game development. It expects you to know programming/c++ basics and takes you from start to end to develop a simple 2d game. This worked for me and enabled me to continue from there
(note; you have to apply decent code structure yourself, the book code isn't really futureproof for larger games)

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