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PRISMATA: A New Hybrid Game of Pure Strategy - CURRENTLY IN ALPHA

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Hey, GameDev! I'm kind of new to this whole forum thing but you guys seem like a friendly bunch so I'm going to jump right into this ... ^^; Today I'd like to bring a game called Prismata to your attention!


You may have already heard of it since it's been on the Reddit frontpage a few times, and also because some game design articles mentioning it have been published on GD. It's a free-to-play turn-based card strategy game that the devs began as a hobby around four years ago. They've borrowed a lot of elements from games they all love, including Magic: The Gathering, chess, Dominion, and Starcraft. As a result, a lot of people have come to describe the game as a Hearthstone with no deckbuilding and no RNGsus, or a Starcraft with no fog of war and no unit-on-unit combat. The game has even been compared to Civ, except that the turns take seconds to a few minutes, not hours.


I'm not the best at explanations, so feel free to check out this short "What is Prismata?" video for a better idea of the game. You can also check out their Kickstarter which has TONS more info. And if I've piqued your interest enough, there's an online demo that lets you try out the game firsthand.


While the game is still undergoing alpha development, most of the core gameplay elements are actually complete since the devs spent so much time perfecting it before they even considered the possibility of bringing it to market. And I didn't want to file this post under "game in beta" because we're not really looking for testers right now -- over the past two weeks, more games of Prismata have been played than ever before and during peak traffic times there are between 600 and 1000 players online at the same time! However, if you've tried the demo and would really, really like to experience more, feel free to post your thoughts on the game here. I'd be willing to give away a couple of alpha keys. (:

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