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Update to out game

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Hello all, a friend and I are making a game called "Tales of $w3g" It's just a place holder for now...


If you haven't read my previous post, click here


We have a more in depth story line from before, so I'll update you guys.


The following is a basic outline. We're piecing ideas together as we go along


This is the beginning.


Based god is president of G.S.P.A (Global Swag Protection Agency)  


Gerald is already a member of G.S.P.A.


The game begins with Lil B and an associate discussing the issue of the lumani taking sw3g away from the world and deciding to call upon some swag ass niggas.


Oxiidus proposes to help fight with the G.S.P.A against lumanati and goes out to find more people to help (Playable characters)


Start off as a down to earth guy called Oxiidus (OXI- EH- DIS) has a supernatural intellect but is very weak physically.


Lumanati recognizes the threat of the GSPA and their new recruits and counter react

Lumanati planned to attack to GSPA with a lot of force and the GSPA attacks back. There’s a huge battle.

Then during the battle we have 4 possible outcomes
  1. They get beat and get put in jail behind enemy lines

1 A They have to try and break out

1 B Sneak out or fight your way out

  1. They bitch out after losing

2 A Lumanti comes to base and destroys it

2 B Lumanti comes to base but gets rekd

2 C    as the gspa are close to getting rekt, the danger squad show up to save the day but get completely rekt. you must save them….or nah…

  1. They win. Simple as that.

3 A Lumanati goes and makes more troops. and is a declared rival as decided over tea

  1. It’s a draw

As for the danger squad, we don't have a sketch for them yet but we vision them being chubby kids with shirts that don't fit them, and shorts. We plan to have "tightie whities" around their shorts. Also a ninja turtle type mask on their eyes. Imagine something like this.


Any thoughts? Suggestions? We really need help on the draw outcome. Any output is appreciated.


P.S Which game editing program should I use? Unity? or Sauerbraten? Here's what I'm weighing out. I'm okay in making maps in one, not with the other. And as for coding goes, I semi-understand one, but I'm totally lost in the other.

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