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blending not quite working ...

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hello, I''m having some trouble with blending. Transparent objects don''t show up quite right when theres an opaque object behind it. Best way to describe this is to show you.. heres an exe i uploaded: Currently, the objects are drawn in the following order: 1. the earth (opaque) 2. earth''s clouds (alpha = 0.7) 3. earth''s atmosphere (alpha = 0.5) 4. earth''s moon (opaque) 5. the sun thanks for any help, rich

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From what I've done with this subject, is that when doing blending of different 3D objects, you need to disable the depth mask when drawing the blended object.

Something like:

// draw non-blended objects here


glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE);

// draw blended object here


Play around with that and see if you can get what you want.

- Mike

P.S. I didn't download the program (rar format is not popular, use zip) so this may not be correct.

EDIT: typo

Edited by - mkaltner on November 8, 2001 7:01:30 PM

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thanks for the reply

I tried the depthmask true/false and it works. I was using it already but in the wrong way.

much appreciated

btw, uploaded as .zip, use down arrow to move back a bit so you can see the sun

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