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Maya materials and Direct3D

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TurboBoost    122
I am exporting Maya models over to DirectX. In Maya, lambert materials can have color, ambient color, diffuse factor, and incandescent color. In DirectX there is only ambient color, diffuse color, emissive color and specular color. I am guessing emissive color is the incandescent color. But what about the rest? How do I get ambient color and diffuse color when all I have is color, ambient color, and diffuse factor? Edited by - TurboBoost on November 8, 2001 6:55:46 PM

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superpig    1825
...bastard has Maya...

Incandescant and Emissive are the same thing, I think.

When you say diffuse ''factor,'' you mean a single scalar value? I can''t see how a single scalar value can be used to represent a color.

Specular is to do with the shiny extra-bright bits.

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