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newbiesque OpenGL library choice?

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hi, I'm new here and have been learning as much as possible with all the great help and tutorials so thanks!! More to the point though can anybody recommend a free (or cheap <US$1500) easy to use, high-level, C++, object-oriented class library wrapper for OpenGL selected game engine functions?? I just got hired on a project as a which isn't really a game - more of a real-time exercise simulator. We got all the C++ code o.k. for everything on the realtime data gathering part, and all the models and textures fine. I don't really need collision detection or anything that fancy - just load an outdoor environment load a platform and a few models in whatever format (we're trying md3 or milkshape right now) place them and render -- Basically I don't want to worry about occlusion culling or intense math or portal rendering/octree type stuff. I want that abstracted out in an easy to use (yet somewhat fast - though this app won't tax the video too much) class. Interpolation between models is a "nice-to-have" as I have a 43 frame looped lightwave animation saved as separate models that I would like to stretch (slower or faster) based on user input rate. Otherwise I'll just use some algorithm to chuck out or hold the model frames longer or shorter based on the interval. I've scoured the web including all the OpenGL sites and maybe have it narrowed down to Crystal Space?? Gizmo3D?? I've got no IDEA which of these are stable or easy to use etc. Support or docs would help as I've only got a few weeks to get this thing working now... Any help is TOTALLY appreciated!! Thanks!! Baz Edited by - bazillyo on November 8, 2001 7:52:23 PM

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