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Isometric Tileset engine

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I am working on my own isometric engine and now I am trying with the terrain transition. Searching on Gamedev, I found the article about 2d Tile Render with Direct 3d. It is very interesting. Now I have the original directdraw engine and the alternative engine with direct 3d I have a couple of doubts: 1) With direct draw, I use BltFast with my clipping function, be cause it is faster than use directx clipper and BitBlt. With direct3d must I use the directx clipper? Is it very complex to do a clipper function? 2)Working with my map editor, I need to put a tile and the engine must calculate the neighbour tiles (and the transitions, of course). Like the warcraft map editor With the original engine (directdraw only) I think to make 16 tiles with their terran transitions (coast-water, grass-coast) Is there some algorithm for calculate the neighbour tiles or I must to put several "if" sentences for each one? I was reading something about Direct 3d. Can I do it with alpha blending instead of draw a set of transitions for each terrain? Please if you have an example of that or you know where can I found source code, it will be wonderful Thanks to everybody Cheers, Arcangel

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The way I did transitions with my engine was like this:

1. Put terrains in order of transition (further to left "goes over" tiles to right)

EG: Mountains -> Hills -> Grass -> Desert -> Water

2. Starting from left call the terrain type an int:

EG: Mountains (0) -> Hills (1) -> Grass (2) -> Desert (3) -> Water (4)

3. Simply ask if the terrain of neighbor tile is less than terrain of focus tile. If true then draw the transition.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks Dale, for your answers. I will try with this.

Did you test your engine with direct3d render?
Be cause, i am looking for (too) transitions with alpha blending (but I dont know how to do it )



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Hi there,

look up multi-texturing on a D3D site,
I use OpenGL so i cant be of anymore help than that
im afraid.

Hope it helps


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